Computer Based Examinations (CBE)

NCA is a licensed Computer Based Examination (CBE) Centre of ACCA in Nepal. NCA is a pioneer when it comes to initiating and acquiring the license for the conduction of CBEs in Nepal.

CBEs are aimed to facilitate the students for the faster progression of their studies and have the following features:

  1. CBEs can be sat for the first 7 papers under FIA suite of qualifications (FA1. MA1, FA2, MA2, FAB, FMA and FFA) and the first 3 papers of ACCA (F1, F2 and F3).
  2. CBEs can be sat for at any time of the year (except Sundays and Saturdays) unlike the paper based exams which can only be sat for during June and December.
  3. CBEs have instantaneous results facility meaning that the results will immediately be available after the completion of the exams. This is unlike paper based exams where results are released tentatively one and a half months after the completion of the exams.
  4. CBE results will be reflected in the "myACCA" account of the respective student withing 72 hours of the completion of the exam.

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