What people say about us

Prativa Poudel

Choosing the   NCA as a guide for my path was the best decision I could have ever made.As a science students , I thought I would struggle to cope with the new world of accounting & auditingin the beginning but NCA made the transition so simple that I easily adapted to the course in very short frame of time.The faculties here are very dedicated, helpful&motivating who has helped me a lot to harness my skills and abilities. A lot of smart and intellectual people together have created a highly academic atmosphere here in NCA . Also, in this fast-changing world, choosing a career whichis forwarded thinking and equally challenging, NCA overall trains you to ''Think Ahead''.

Aaradhya Sharma

Joining the ACCA programs at NCA has not only shown me sea of opportunities as a finance professional , but also broadened my exposure to modern business environment , it's complexities and  the need of qualified professionals. With the best faculties, the Quality of the program at NCA is unrivalled.

Sukriti Khanal

Studying amidst great minds and being taught by intellectual professors is likely to be a stepping stone for my future. I  am successful in gathering mesmerizing memories while studying at NCA, one I can look back and admire . NCA is a place where you can feel comfortable expressing your ideas . I hope my ties at NCA helps me in achieving my goals in the near future.

Eliza Maharjan

It was a wonderful experience being a student of NCA. The lectures are designed to help the students excel. The ambience here is simply congenial. NCA is my endeavour to better future. I really appreciate being  a member of NCA.

Tshewang Bhutia

Like many of us,I was also very confused about what I would study next, as I had completed my 12th grade.I have a very keen interest in accounting and going through research I found about ACCA and got impressed by its flexibility,mobility and international recognition and that is when I came across National College Of Accountancy, ALP-ST gold certified college for ACCA.NCA has enabled me, coached me and given me  the confidence and the ability to have a career in the accountancy field. NCA has not only been a college that I go to, it's been a mentor.

Kundan Thapa

NCA leaves no stone unturned in equipping its student for the best. The structured and cohesive test series covers a wide range of topics and comprehensive study material provides more sufficient practice. The staff and support system is excellent, solving problems at the earliest and ensuring that schedules are followed. I feel privileged to be the part of NCA.

Bibek Budhathoki

I attended the six month class for F5 (Performance Management) at NCA in June,2017. It was very helpful to me and provided me essentiall information in my professional career. Apart from great faculty,the sample exercises and  mock tests gave me further practice. I'd definitely like to recommend NCA to anyone looking for ACCA preparation.

Seema Dhega

NCA is the ac elearning provider of ACCA in Nepal.Being a student here for a year now,I believe thatit is  a great place  to begin your qualification with.I am receiing knowledge as well as career guidance by professional and experienced teacher's.The comfortable interacion among faculty members and students help to enhance our learning abilities along with gaining practical knowledge.NCA has been making the best efforts to provide all the faculties fo rits students as they are always present to clear any doubts and queries.Thishashelpedmedevelopa positive attitude about my studies and future.

Shulav Shrestha, ACCA

Former NCA student / Senior Accountant, Balaji Investments Pvt. Ltd.

NCA, the only Approved Learning Provider of ACCA in Nepal, has been a pioneer in offering quality courses to students. As a student of NCA, i have received lots of support and guidance from the tutors and the quality of learning environment is excellent. Moreover NCA is not just a learning provider its a family for us.

Yudhir Paudel, ACCA

Former NCA Student / Audit Manager, Nexia International (Bahrain)

I commenced my ACCA study with NCA in the early days of NCA itself. NCA has come a long way since then in being the only Apporved Learning Parter of ACCA in Nepal. As a student, I recevied immense support and career guidance from the faculties. Besides, NCA has been a platform to develop value adding network. 

Sukdev Baral, ACCA, MBA

Former NCA Student / Internal Audit Head, City Development Bank

"NCA, as the leading learning provider of ACCA in Nepal, not only imparts the tutorial classes but facilitates the overall personal and professional growth and development of the students. The faculties here have truly been a mentor to me. Learning environment here is interactive and prctical knowledge and skills are priortised rather than bookish knowledge and rote learning." 

Dilip Niroula, ACCA, MBA, CIA

NCA is quite an established brand in the market and face of ACCA Nepal. It has always been a pioneer in offering high quality services and stands truly committed to expanding the professional horizon of each indivdual associated to it. The role of NCA has been significant in bringing ACCA to its current position in the Nepalese context. I feel honored to be a part of NCA and always look forward to contributing for the greater good of ACCA in Nepal and globally.